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Pulp & Paper Foundation Scholarship Recipients
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Each year we introduce graduating Pulp & Paper Foundation scholarship recipients, and other students with an interest in starting a technical career with the paper industry and its suppliers, to our corporate members to provide information about the students' previous paper related work experience and their short term interests.

Once again this year, we will continue to take advantage of the internet and our web site to offer complete resumes for each of our students whom you can contact directly or through our office

As we have read the students' resumes during the process of preparing for their job search we have been impressed with their level of accomplishment and their ability to make significant progress in attacking the tasks to which they have been assigned. Our graduating seniors have at least two semesters (in some cases more) of work experience in the pulp and paper industry. We hope you will share our enthusiasm for the immediate contributions our graduates can make to your organization.

This publication is a unique benefit for your company as a member of the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation. Prior scholarship recipients have become industry leaders and technical contributors at the highest level. We have faith our prospective graduates will have similar career outcomes.

If we at the Foundation office can assist you with your search to hire "the best and the brightest" please contact us at (207) 581-2297. We are here to help!

Carrie Enos Jennifer Ireland
Carrie Enos Jennifer Ireland
President Program Manager