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Company Membership

As a manager you need capable associates to meet you goals, people who are well educated in engineering fundamentals, with current computer skills and a strong work ethic who take pride in their results and your success. That is why your company should join the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation as a partner building the industry's human resource strength. By participating in the Foundation's committees and programs you can impact the content and quality of the education required for your future employees.

Your Company's Membership in the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation Provides the Following:

  • Full tuition scholarships for high achieving undergraduate students.
  • A pool of motivated, capable engineering graduates with summer and/or co-op job experience who want to work for the paper industry's producers and suppliers.
  • Cost effective recognition and visibility for your company in all publications.
  • Grants for state of the art computer systems and stipends to encourage faculty who are responsible for teaching paper related classes and undertaking paper related industry research.
  • Invitations to our annual "Paper Days/Open House" event as well as regional mini-open houses for "members-only" offering networking opportunities not available elsewhere.
  • Opportunities to meet faculty and students to comment on their curriculum and research activities.
  • Favored access to the UMaine Process Development Center pilot plant widely used by industry clients for process product development.

A Productive Partnership

For a more complete description of our programs and activities and detailed information about joining our Foundation as a Company Member, please view our Invitation to Join Paper Industry Producers and Suppliers brochure.

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