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  Foundation Facts

  • Oldest Pulp & Paper Foundation (established 1950).
  • University with most accredited engineering disciplines serving the paper and supplier industry.
  • Most alumni in the paper industry.
  • Most scholarships granted to undergraduates.
  • High school recruitment attracts top 15% of students through "Consider Engineering" summer program offered to 102 students without charge.
  • Graduating student resumes are on-line for Foundation Members only.
Research ActivitiesThe Foundation's support of UMaine and the Chemical & BioEngineering Dept. promotes research activity and good morale among the professors and their graduate students. The Foundation provides financial encouragement to three faculty members and to several entering graduate students each year.

Pulp & Paper Foundation Video

Endowed Scholarships

Kraske Family Scholarship PresentationEndowed scholarships are created by gifts of $10,000 or more made by donors who believe UMaine provides a superb education and that the paper and supplier industries will continue to need capable people over the long term. Many donors have established appreciation for their own career opportunities or have recognized the key role someone else had in helping them to be successful.

Alumni Gifts

Gifts to the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation qualify for tax deductions. Moreover, the Foundation is eligible to receive matching gifts from participating corporations.