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A Lasting Gift Opportunity

Endowment WallOver 224 Named Scholarship funds have been given to the Pulp and Paper Foundation since inception of the program in 1962. Each Named Scholarship is formally recognized by a bronze plaque displayed in the Foundation's Hall of Appreciation, an impressive sight for all.

Many donors recognize the satisfactions they have experienced from successful careers in the pulp and paper industry or with related companies. Their gifts express their own deep appreciation for the opportunities they have enjoyed. A Named Scholarship is also a way to say "Thank You" to a respected and admired associate. Alternatively, a Named Scholarship is an effective way to remember the relatives or friends you love and honor and wish to have remembered forever.

The young scholars who receive Named Scholarship and who will grow to be leaders of the next generation are given a continuing incentive to seriously consider a career in the pulp and paper industry. The donors express their trust in the continued tradition of excellence at the University of Maine. Maine's high quality courses teach students the application of engineering fundamentals to the paper industry: students learn to solve problems in plant design, production, research, and the improvement of the industry's products, raw materials and processes.

A Named Scholarship is a gift to the Pulp and Paper Foundation to be supervised by the Foundation's Investment Management Committee. Scholarship awards are made by the Scholarship Committee. The purpose of the gift is always clear, and it will not be lost by being administered with funds which have another purpose.

We invite you to join our previous donors by expressing your commitment to providing the quality higher education needed by the paper industry and its suppliers to meet demands for continued growth and excellence. Many individuals and corporations have already expressed their trust and confidence in the University and in the scholarship recipients who can contribute so much to the future of our industry. Why not join them?

Your donation is tax deductable, the University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation is a 501(3)c Corporation.

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