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About Our Scholarships

Scholarship ChecksThe University of Maine Pulp & Paper Foundation was incorporated in 1952 to provide support for the education and preparation of engineering graduates for challenging and rewarding careers in the pulp and paper and supplier industries. The Foundation is supported by annual gifts from more than 60 companies in 20 states, as well as individual gifts from more than 250 alumni and friends. In addition, the Foundation administers more than 210 endowed scholarship funds established by donors in recognition of their own opportunities and to encourage future students to consider the advantages of joining the paper industry.

Why Does the Paper Industry Offer Scholarships for Students to Study Engineering at UMaine?

The pulp and paper and supplier industries need energetic, bright people to help solve challenging business and technical problems and to provide innovative ideas for future success. With the exponential evolution of technology, companies have more jobs and opportunities for technically trained people than can be accomplished by today's engineers. By encouraging and financially supporting UMaine engineering students the industry knows it will have access to highly talented graduates who have strong academic and communication skills, along with a proven employment record and familiarity with the industry's process technology. Many of our graduates go on to become leaders in the pulp and paper industry.

How Do I Apply for a Pulp & Paper Foundation Scholarship?

Entering students complete an application form and submit high school transcripts, class stranding information, and college admissions test scores (SAT or ACT). In addition students write a letter to the Foundation's Scholarship Committee describing how they have become familiar with the technology and careers in the pulp and paper industry and how they will continue to pursue these opportunities during their course of study at UMaine.

Students awarded first-year scholarships are typically in the top 15% of their high school class, have a combined SAT score of 1100+, are the recipients of academic honors, participate in leadership and extracurricular activities, and possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.

The application deadline for first-year scholarships is December 31st, applications will continue to be accepted after that date as long as funds are available.

Scholarship Brochure

First Year Student Scholarship Application
Please click the link above to begin the application process for a First Year Student Scholarship. After completing the registration information through Eventbrite please email the required documents (letter, transcript, SAT scores) described above and in the Scholarship Brochure to jennifer.b.ireland@maine.edu

Students at or beyond the sophomore year complete an application form and submit a letter addressed to the Foundation's Scholarship Committee describing how they have become familiar with the career opportunities and technologies of the pulp and paper industry. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for the semester prior to a scholarship being awarded.

The application deadline for upper-class students is March 30th for scholarship awards for the next academic year.

Upper-Class Scholarship Application

Scholarship award decisions for all students are made following an interview with representatives from the scholarship committee and the Foundation's President.